Thursday, August 4, 2016

Back again.......

Hi Everyone! So blogging seems to be harder then I planned! Life gets so busy so of course there are just some things that get pushed to the side. I'm going to give this another shot! I've still been crafting, I don't seem to ever stop that. Lately most of my craft projects have been with my kiddos. The girls have been following in momma's footsteps and also have a love of crafting. I am sure you will see some of their work here too :)

I also started selling CTMH once again. I love their products! I just can't stay away. You will see some of their products posted here too... but I am not planning to exclusively use just theirs. I have way to much stash of other things already in my craft room that I need to continue to use. If you want to order from me I added a link to my online shop to the right of this blog, if not that is completely ok too!

So join me on this adventure. Ask questions if you like. Anything you want to see just let me know!

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